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Bubble Soccer - America's New Trending Sport!

Bubble Soccer - America's New Trending Sport!

You may have heard of the new and exciting sport called Bubble Soccer. That’s right…we said Bubble Soccer – and this game is one of the coolest, hilarious, and fun games to hit the market in a long time. This hybrid game of soccer is a combination of group fun, physical activity and even some friendly competition. Other games that are sometimes played with an “inflatable bubble suit” are Capture the Flag, Prison Break, King of the Circle, Sharks & Minnows and Bubble Football – making it a very popular game for events like birthdays, reunions and other fun group get togethers.

Bubble soccer, also known as BubbleBall, Bubble Futbol, Zorb Ball, BattleBall, and Knockerball® is becoming widely popular in many cities across the United States. It even had its television debut, being introduced on the popular show Shark Tank in 2015. Since then, people have been curious about Bubble Soccer, Bubble Sports, and asking where can I find Bubble Soccer near me?    

What is Bubble Soccer?

BubbleBall Soccer is a physically active game in which a group of players, much like a soccer team (usually 6-15), compete in a game of full contact soccer, while inside their own individual plastic bubble balls. Think of human bumper cars meets sumo wrestling, with the rules of football and soccer – all rolled into one. Sounds fun right? We know – we can’t get enough of this Bubble Sport!

Where did Bubble Soccer come from?

Bubble Soccer was invented through the origin of something called a Zorb ball, which can almost be compared to a human Hamster ball. The idea of Zorb is that individuals, or sometimes even more than one person, could get into a giant inflatable “zorb” and roll down hills or flat surfaces, racing and having fun. People also enjoy using themon water like lakes streams or even the ocean. Although Zorb ball started out as a recreation activity, it has transformed into things like Bubble Soccer, Knockerball®, Bubble Football and other extreme Bubble Sports.

Can you believe that since its start in the 1990s, Zorbing has even gained Zorbing World Records?

  • Fastest Speed Zorbing (32 miles per hour)

  • Longest Distance Zorbing (1870ft)

  • Fastest 100m Zorbing (26.59 seconds)

  • The Most Zorbing Participants (237 people)

Is Bubble Soccer Safe?

The plastic bumper bubble ball used for Bubble Soccer is made of TPU or PVC material, and has an opening at the top and the bottom giving you the ability to breathe and run around freely. It has inner handles and adjustable shoulder straps designed to perfect rolls, flips and wheels by individuals using them. It’s much like a large donut or pool float, but made with much more durable material.

Although some of the real fun of Bubble Soccer is the ability to bump into your opponent, knocking them around and sometimes to the ground, the quality of the bubble protects each individual from actually getting hurt when they fall or make contact with another bubble.
Bubbleball sizes range from .8m, 1.2m, 1.5m, and the “Big Daddy” bubble for players over 250 lbs. The bubbles can accommodate both children age 5 and up, as well as adults – so everyone can enjoy being active and having fun.

Like any sport there will always be a risk for injury, which is why it is important that the rules shown below are strictly enforced for the safety of all the players.

How Do You Play Bubble Soccer?
Now that you know what Bubble Soccer is, what are Bubble Soccer rules and how exactly do you play? The rules for Bubbleball Soccer can differ depending on the event or setting that it is played in. Game play for tournaments and leagues is much more strict than a private event.

Bubble Soccer Rules for Private Events:

At Bubble Bump Houston we host a lot of private events for groups like the following:

  • Birthday Parties

  • Corporate Team Building/Leadership

  • Summer Camps

  • School Events

  • Bachelor Parties

  • Graduation Parties

  • Fundraisers

These rules and game play are typically shorter and more inclusive of everyone there. Game length averages 4-6 minutes or sometimes the first team to 3 goals, wins. During private group events like this, it’s more important that everyone gets to play and enjoy themselves.

The start of the game is similar to dodgeball where everyone rushes to the middle to get the ball. There are not any timeouts, free kicks, or penalties, as the game is really meant for fun. Since Bubble Bump has a Bubble Soccer Coordinator there to assist groups, safety precautions and best practices are reviewed, so injuries are scarce.

Bubble Soccer Rules for Tournaments, Leagues and Official BubbleBall Soccer Games:

The more official game play rules that we list below are from the BubbleBall Business Association. The Bubble Ball Soccer rules are intended to keep players and equipment that you are using safe and therefore allowing everyone to have carefree fun and enjoy themselves.

How do you win at Bubbleball?

Just like soccer and most sports, the ultimate goal of Bubbleball Soccer is to score the most goals. This is done by kicking the ball into the opposing team’s net.

How Many Players in Bubble Soccer?

  • There are usually 5 field players on each team, no goalie, and 2-3 subs. Subs can come in out and freely (on the fly), as long as the same number of players remain on the field.

  • There is usually one referee during a BubbleBall Game and sometimes one or two sideline referees. This is to make sure that play is safe and fair.

Length of a BubbleBall Soccer Game

There are a few different ways that Bubble Soccer can be played as far as time length.

  • At Bubble Bump we play three 10 minute periods.

  • Other games are played 4 quarters, each 10 minutes in length

  • or 2 halves, 15 minutes in length.

Each team gets three 2 minute time outs. Time on the game can only be stopped for injuries and time outs. It is not stopped when the ball goes out of bounds.

What are Bubble Soccer Rules?

  • Similar to soccer, the ball is placed at centerfield. However, with Bubbleball Soccer, players should be at least 10 feet away, no more than 20 feet from the ball.

  • BubbleBall Players cannot hold the ball. In the case that they do, they can receive a penalty up to 2 minutes (like hockey) where they must sit out of the game. Their team will be short one player until their penalty is up.

  • When the ball goes out of bounds, the referee will throw the ball back into play.

  • There are no offsides rules in Bubbleball Soccer.

Penalties and Foul Play in Bubble Soccer

  • As mentioned above, players cannot hold the ball. Players can also not score with their hands. They must kick the ball into the net.

  • A player may not “bubblebump” or “bubblehit” another player without the ball. They may also not prevent another Bubbleball player from getting up if they have fallen.

  • It is illegal to trip, grab or kick another Bubbleball Player.

Best Rules for Safe Bubble Soccer Play

  • Playing the ball from the ground should not be allowed. This limits the risk of a player’s legs being stepped or fallen on by another player.

  • No player contact on the ground. This was mentioned above, but it is worth mentioning again. A player that is trying to regain balance while getting up in their bubble ball should could be at an increased risk for injury.

  • No diving or launching into other players. When players launch from their bubble ball they are putting themselves and others at more of a risk for injury on the way down from their jump.

  • Players not in a bubble, should be kept a distance from the field of play in order to risk being bumped into. Those not wearing a bubble during Bubble Soccer do not have the protection that other players have.

Where Can I Play Bubble Soccer?

All around the country including Chicago, New York, D.C. and LA you can play bubble soccer anywhere you play soccer!  Here will provide the goals, equipment and the fun! Bubble Bump will even provide a personal Bubble Soccer Fun Coordinator so that your group can focus on enjoying your love for this new exciting sport! We have location recommendations and partnerships if you need space, both indoor and outdoor.

Bubble Soccer can also be played indoors. Players use cones and markers to identify boundaries and the field of play. There are some risks associated with playing indoors and players and referees should make note to take extra precautions when playing Bubble Soccer Indoors.

Many injuries with Bubble Soccer have been reported by players’ contact with walls, bleachers or obstructions. Therefore when setting up make sure cones and boundaries are far away from any obstructions like walls, bleachers, stages, etc. Even though Bubble Soccer players are protected by the bubble. Their feet and legs are not and are still exposed and able to be injured.

How Much Does it Cost to Buy a Knockerball®?

Knockerball® sells Bubble balls used for Bubble Soccer in 4 different sizes and 2 different materials, both TPU and PVC. They range from $199 for a small PVC Knockerball® to $399 for a large TPU Knockerball®.

This does not include any equipment like boundary markers, inflatable pumps and goals to play a game of Bubble Soccer. For newbies to the game or looking to try Bubble Soccer, we would recommend renting, as it is about the same cost as purchasing one bubble ball.

Can I Rent Equipment for Bubble Soccer?

Eager to give this exhilarating sport a try? We have you covered! We serve Greater Houston and the surrounding areas. Have bubble balls, will travel!

We are happy to lead your group and team in a fun game of Bubble Soccer or one of our many other fun Bubble Games listed below. The best part is, it’s affordable fun! For the price of buying one Knockerball®, your group can rent ours and play! Set up, game coordination, refereeing and take down are all included for Bubble Soccer .

Pricing for Bubble Ball Rentals:

  • $285 (6 Bubbles)

  • $335 (10 Bubbles)

We guarantee your group will have fun….or your money back!

Are there other Bubble Games?

There are so many games you can play with your group with bubble balls. The act of bumping into one another and rolling around is comical enough, but adding a fun competition to the mix always ups the enjoyment.

Classic Games like Capture the Flag and Sharks and Minnows can be played. Same rules, only now you can bump, roll and flip away!  At Bubble Bump in Houston, we play games like Bubbleball Prison Break and Bubbleball King of the Circle.

  • Bubbleball Prison Break

Two teams each have a "prisoner" on the opposite side of the field. They must attack the other team and rescue their prisoner back to their safety zone without the prisoner getting knocked down or stepping out of bounds.

  • Bubble Ball King of the Circle

There are no teams – you play against each other. All players are gathered inside a designated circle. The game starts with the referees whistle, the goal of the game is to eliminate all your opponents by evicting them from the circle! Once a referee removes a player he or she may not return to the game. The player inside the circle will become the KING or QUEEN!

Who Can Play Bubble Soccer and BubbleBall Games?

We have played Bubbleball Games with individuals ranging from children 5 years old to adults that are 70. Since rules and best practices are enforced, it is safe for players of most ages, as well as fun!

Bubble Soccer is great for events at schools, fundraisers, family reunions, summer camps, after school programs and even birthday parties. The feedback is continuously positive and players are always looking to plan their next Bubble Soccer event shortly after.

Bubble Ball truly is a fun and unique way to work on cooperative team building, stay healthy with physical activity, and laugh with your group. There really is no other sport quite like a bubble sport and we really encourage you to try it for yourself, we guarantee you will enjoy it!

Archery Tag

Am I the only one who bought a Nerf Archery setup after sitting through the Hunger Games saga?


I’m pretty certain that the lines got longer (RIP Toys R’ Us) and the orders doubled in numbers at every toy store and archery equipment manufacturer worldwide.

Who wouldn’t want to emulate the noble Robin Hood stealing from the rich and give to the poor?—Or at least try their hand in how he can work his way around a bow.

Although it has been around for years, archery has hit the big screen—and along with quite a few awards—has also made its way onto the scene as a great go-to hobby or a fun to-do activity.

From signing up for archery classes to borrowing your neighbor’s Nerf bow and arrow, there are so many ways to pick up the sport.

If you think a game where players use a bow and arrow to score points on a target is hard enough, trying to nail a moving target is even harder.

Ever wondered what mixing archery, paintball, and dodgeball would be like?

Imagine an evil scientist formulating the basic game of classical archery, studying it, then when trying to evolve it, accidentally causes an unexpected mutation—turning the game of controlled, flying arrows into an all-out war.

I give you—Archery tag houston!

Although not really concocted in a lab, this game is the most fun experimental hybrid you’ll ever encounter.

Known also as combat archery and battle archery, bow tag is becoming increasingly popular as a sport that uses some of the classic archery fundamentals to form a fun, team-based game with a variety of playing styles.

How does archery tag work?

For all the need-to-know information, here are a few quick points we’d like to target out for you:


Tactics and Strategies

Depending on the type of game you’re playing, your team captain may be commanding a variety of different tactics and strategies.

However, with all the formats out there, it is equally important to establish your best archers and different players strengths and weaknesses before starting the game.

A few questions to ask your teammates are:

  • Who has played or has done archery before and is most likely to be accurate?

  • Who is the most agile and best to dodge arrows?

  • Who is the quickest and most able to retrieve lots of arrows from the safe zone (or catch them)?

If you are ultra-competitive, (who isn’t?), setting up your strategy before the whistle blows can help lead your team to victory.

What do you wear to an archery tag event?

Although looking good isn’t the goal of the game, there are specific clothing and equipment requirements to follow while participating in a game of archery tag for player safety (and team unison).


While there is no specific dress code, you should wear athletic gear or sport-style clothing. Since it’s a fast-paced game, your clothes shouldn’t be constricting and should allow you to be nimble in dodging the arrows.

Following your common sense, don’t wear high heels—unless they are some pretty comfortable wedges (just kidding—please don’t wear high heels), open-toed shoes nor anything that will mess with your ability to dodge, dive and duck.

In addition, if you’ve got long hair, whipping it back and forth might be a great dance move but it won’t help you here. Having it tied back with nothing hanging in the neck area is your best bet in archery tag.


Dress to impress—but also to not get injured.

Archery tag players must have all of the following four pieces of equipment:

  • Armguards

  • Face masks

  • Snakebows

  • LARP-safe arrows

A snakebow is designed for recreational archery, which is perfect for beginners since it’s very straightforward to operate.

LARP-safe arrows are arrows that are blunted at the end and designed to minimize any impact when fired at a player. Don’t worry, these will not pierce your skin like regular archery arrows (thank God)!

How much does archery tag cost?

Thankfully, entering in a game of archery tag won’t cost you your life—just about the same price as a movie ticket and some popcorn. (Which is a small price to pay for some amazing fun).

Plus, you’ve already paid that much to watch the Hunger Games—why wouldn’t you pay it to actually live out the action?

The price can change from facility to facility—or even be cheaper if you’re setting it all up yourself.

Fortunately, the sport is becoming increasingly popular among university societies where the costs may be cheaper and equipment available to rent.

Typically, you’re looking at $25 to $35 for a 1.5-hour session of combat archery, depending on the day of the week. Weekends are peak days, so prices will be more expensive then compared to off-peak times during the week.

Check your local provider for their own price list and also whether there is a cost for equipment rentals. If you are new to the sport, it is unlikely that you will want to purchase all the equipment before trying bow tag out.


How safe is archery tag?

Although archery tag is a safe game to play (safer than the Hunger Games, at any rate), it should not be played by anyone under the age of 18 if not supervised by a parent or guardian.

Fortunately, the arrows used in the game are blunted with a foam or rubber material and should not hurt if they’re shot from the minimum distance.

Especially if players are all wearing the essential equipment, including face masks and armguards, there shouldn’t be any impact injuries.

However, just like any sport that requires fast-paced movement, there are always risks of muscle injuries if players do not warm-up sufficiently or take the necessary precautions.

Some additional safety tips for players include:

  • Do not remove your mask during gameplay

  • Do not fire a damaged arrow

  • Do not fire at someone who is located in the safe zone

  • Do not fire at an opposing player from a point-blank range

  • Do not use equipment to throw at opposing players

  • At all times follow the instructions of the referee

  • Remove any loose items of clothing before the start of the game

If you’re just watching the game to begin with, safety is even important for spectators.

If the field doesn’t have any netting at the back of the attack zones, spectators should watch from a side-on position parallel to the safe zone at a safe distance away from the field.

What is battle archery?

Battle archery is exactly the same as archery tag, combat tag or bow tag. The names are just different because of trademark reasons.

Where did it come from?

Archery Tag is a trademarked company name, which is a known supplier of battle archery equipment.

If you see articles written about battle archery, don’t get confused, no matter the name—they’re all the same sport.

How many yards do they shoot from in Olympic Archery?

Since 1990, classic target archery has been featured at the Olympic games.

The shooting distance in Olympic archery is a lot greater than in combat archery.

Typically, athletes have to shoot from 70 meters at targets that are 122 cm in diameter which have 10 concentric circles of differing colors.

The innermost circle, also known as the bullseye, scores a maximum of 10 points. While the lowest score on the outer most circle is 1 point.

What kind of events can people play battle archery?

No matter what event is being held, battle archery can be great for a variety of different get togethers.

For any group based in Houston, the Woodlands, Galveston, Bay Town or College stations, bow tag is perfect for:

  • Birthday parties

  • Team building

  • Rentals

  • Fundraisers

  • Indoor activities

If you are based in the 77077 or 77052 area, you should check out possible areas for archer tag. Battle tag can give you a really fun group experience with many venues offering affordable group rates.

the gear

Come Out, Load Up, and Fire!

While classic archers may not favor the commercial aspect to archery tag, the game is a fun mix of a few popular sports and can be a useful gateway for those who want to take up traditional target archery.

Perfect for family, friends, and team-building group events, Archery Tag is growing in popularity as a safe and inclusive “extreme” sport.

Before selecting a venue, you should ask questions about renting equipment to make sure you don’t have to purchase any equipment—especially if it is only a one-time experience.

Whenever you play archery tag, always be mindful of the safety regulations and game rules. This game is meant to be safe—but a heck of a lot of fun!

Next time you are looking for something fun to do, consider archery tag as a fun group experience.

The team from Global Archery Products brought Archery Tag® and a S.A.F.E. Archery® Hoverball® to Eastern Kentucky University for their new student orientation. Students, faculty and visitors had a great time playing match after match on the EKU football field in Richmond, KY.

Jimmy Fallon and "friends" make bubble soccer popular across United States

Jimmy Fallon and "friends" make bubble soccer popular across United States

No one would argue that bubble soccer isn't taking over the world. Even though bubble soccer began overseas in the last few years it has really taken route as one of the most popular sports for special events. But, what was the catalyst for these bubbleballs balls becoming so popular?