What happens if the weather or an "Act of God"* prevents an event from occurring?

An event will be cancelled due to weather if the venue owner/management cancels due to weather. If the venue owner/management do not close their facilities, Bubble Bump Houston has sole discretion to cancel an event due to weather.

If an event is cancelled due to inclement weather or an "Act of God"*, Bubble Bump Houston will allow the customer to reschedule their event for another date and time. If the customer does not want to reschedule, they will lose all of their deposit.

If Bubble Bump Houston cancels the event for a reason other than weather or an "Act of God", the customer will get a full refund.

*An "Act of God" is an event outside human control, such as sudden natural disasters, that cannot be predicted and for which no one can be held responsible.

How do I make a reservation to book an event?

Reservations can be made online through submitting a reservation request on our website.

Is there a deposit required to make a reservation?

Yes, you pay a deposit equal to 30% of the price of your event. The remaining balance is due the day of your event.

Can I cancel my reservation?

Yes, but you will lose the 30% deposit if you cancel less than 14 days before your event.

Can I reschedule my reservation?

Yes, but you will be charged a rescheduling fee which will be 10% of the price of your event. 

Can I cancel my reservation after I have already rescheduled?

Yes, but you will lose your 30% deposit, no matter how many days in advance you cancel.

Can I reschedule more than once?

Yes, BUT there will be a 10% rescheduling fee every time you reschedule.

How do I pay?

You will pay the 30% deposit online when you book the event using a credit card or debit card. You pay for the remaining balance the day of your event in cash or credit/debit card, or we can charge the balance to the card you paid the deposit with.