What Is Human Zorb Bowling?

Human Zorb bowling is when two teams face off head to head to see who can knock down the most pins. Each player takes a turn and runs as fast as they can into the pins. Each games lasts 3 rounds and the most pins wins. This game is fun for both kids and adults and also includes:

  • Free delivery and game setup

  •  Coordinators/referees included

  • Assistance finding a location

  • Join 5000+ players today!


At Bubble Bump Our Zorb Balls are 10 ft high for adults and around 8 ft high for younger individuals. The zorb provides a ton of cushion and is made of strong 0.8mm think PVC plastic. The human hamster balls also has two openings and can roll on any soft surface with a 30-50ft runway. Up to two people can fit into the zorb at one time and it also has two openings. Our Pins are 10ft High and made of thick plastic as well

Zorb Ball Rental Details

Rentals are available from 90 minutes and up to suit your needs

  • idle hours can also be added, this is where the package is setup, but not active. This package can be combined with other zorb packages, to make the ultimate fun day.

  • large soft play area, including turf, grass, or carpet,

  • Field space need 40+ ft

  • 1 hours 30 minutes to set up and 1 hour to set down

  • The ground can be:

    • level (very small hills can also be used) and sufficient space free from debris and sharp objects

    • the zorbs take approximately 10 minutes to blow up and the pins take 6 minutes each

If you’ve never heard about zorbing or human hamster ball rental here in houston you are in for a treat! It is the new party game that’s taking over and it’s awesome! Zorbing originally came from new zealand where they have huge hills. Since the hills in houston are minimal we’ve transformed this once in a lifetime experience into human bowling! Are bubble have no water and are moved by you (human hamsters). In addition to bowling we play many different games like relays and timed races. Along with Zorbing we provide bubble soccer balls as well.

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