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What is Bubble Soccer?

Bubble Soccer, also referred to as Bubble Ball or Zorb ball, is the semi competitive yet incredibly fun event where you get to run
around equipped in a bubble suit, bumping anyone in site! Think of a game that’s part soccer, part football, part sumo wrestling, part bumper cars and hysterical laughter. Bubble Bump Houston holds events all over Texas with kids and adult (kids at heart) who want to bump around and have a new fresh experience like never before. So if you’ve ever thought is there Bubble Soccer near me here is your chance? Our bubble sizes include 3 sizes of bubbles youth, teens, and adults. We serve kids 7 and up. Bubble Bump Houston has hosted events of mass participants of up to 300 of more. We are always looking for sponsors and partners to help further the awareness of this awesome sport.

3,000+ Happy BuMper Ball Customers!

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The Socialite$335

  • 10 Bubbles
  • 1.5 Rental Time, Hrs.*
  • Recommend 18-30 Guests**
  • *More time can be added during checkout.
  • **This is a recommendation, not a limit.

The ProfessionalVaries

  • 12-30 Bubbles
  • 2-5 Rental Time, Hrs.*
  • Recommend 35+ Guests**
  • *More time can be added during checkout.
  • **This is a recommendation, not a limit.

Choose Your Bubble Event

Schools/Summer Camps

Whether field day or a week long activity camp. Rent our battle balls for a few hours or all day and set-up an organized rotation where each kiddo has their chance to have loads of fun! (Groups up to 300)

Corporate Team Building

Had a rough week at work? Take out the frustration with our bumping team activities! Besides bubble soccer we have multiple game that require teamwork and a can do attitude that cultivates and healthy work environment.

Birthday Parties

Our Birthday parties are a great option
for kids and adults to invite their friends out
for some fun. Choose a backyard or public park and we’ll meet you there bubbles in hand ready for bubble soccer action!

Churches/Non Profits

Spice up the fun at your next vacation bible school or lock-in. Our Bubble games
are an awesome ideas for outreach and youth groups youth groups.



Having bounce houses or other activities
or want Bubble Soccer a whole day? Contact us today
for pricing details and a custom zorb ball package

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I play Bubble Soccer near me?

Bubble Soccer can be played at a local park, gym, open field, or even your back yard. All that is required is an open space free of sharp debris. If you aren't sure where to play we can provide a list of locations near you. Here are some public field locations that are available.

How old do you need to be to play Bubble ball, is it for kids?

Bubble Ball is for kids and kids at heart. At Bubble Bump Houston we have bubble that will fit ages 7 and up (different sizes of course). Participants should be in decent physical shape and not have any current injuries.

Can I play bubble futbol by myself?

Bubble Ball Houston does have open events throughout the month for small groups and indivuals to get notified click here.

How much do Bubble Soccer Rentals cost?

Our BubbleBall rentals start at 6 Bubbles for $245 and our Socialite package is 10 Bubbles for $335. Depending on the size of your event that can average out to $8 per person. If you have more than 40 people we can customize your package and add more bubbles as needed.

Can I get Hurt inside the zorbs?

Our Bubble Ball equipment has been extensively tested for the games they designed for. Like any sport we recommend using your best judgement while playing as you get comfortable; take proper safety precautions and wear supportive athletic shoes that you are comfortable running in.

What is the cancellation policy?

Bubble Bump Houston gives full refunds for inclement weather cancellations and for cancelling 14 Days in advance.

What types of zorb ball games are there?

With the bubble balls we play many game such as classic bubble soccer, prison break, protect the president, King of the Hill, Free for All, and more! Your fun coordinator will help choose the best games for your group.

Do you have inflatable zorb balls for sale?

Currently Bubble Bump Houston does not have zorb balls for sale or bumper balls for sale, but we can contact one of our partners to help you with your bubble needs.

Bubble Soccer Party Games


It’s simple: Bubble Soccer rules are the same as traditional soccer if soccer was sumo wrestling, bubmper cars, and football all rollers into one! Players play either 4v4 or 5v5 depending on the size of the field and number of players. However there are no goalies so score as much as possible! The game is played in 2 periods of 3 minutes each, substitutes can come in and out at any time.

Two teams each have a "prisoner" on the opposite side of the field. They must attack the other team and rescue their prisoner back to their saftey zone without the prisoner getting knocked down or stepping out of bounds. 


There are no teams – you play against each other. All players are gathered inside a designated circle. The game starts with our fun coordinators whistle, the goal of the game is to eliminate all your opponents by bumping them to the ground! Once a referee removes a player he or she may not return to the game. The player inside the circle will become the KING or QUEEN!

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