Mechanical bull riding is some of the most exhilarating 30 seconds you can find around. Hold on tight and bring your cowboy hat. Each player takes a turn and rides for as long as they can to get the best time. Each ride typically lasts under a minute. Our mechanical bulls are suitable for both kids and adults and also includes:

  • Free Delivery and Game Set-Up 

  • Fun Coordinators included

  • Assistance finding a location

  • Join 5000+ players today!

At Bubble Bump Our Mechanical bull set-up is 5x5m of space include the inflatable fall zona as well as the bull. The inflatable provides a ton of cushion and is made of strong 0.55mm PVC thick PVC plastic. The mechanical bull also even though appearing lifelike is tough, durable but made up of soft plastic for safety. Up to two people can ride the bull at one time. Also our bull includes and automatic stop sensor which immediately stops the bull when the rider falls onto the inflatable safety floor.

Mechanical Bull Rental Details

Rentals are available from 90 minutes and up to suit your needs

  • idle hours can also be added, this is where the package is setup, but not active. This package can be combined with other Bubble Bump Packages including Bubble Soccer and Human Hamster Ball Rental, to make the ultimate fun day.

  • large soft play area, including turf, grass, or carpet, or gym floor.

  • Field space needed 25x25ft

  • 30 minutes to set up and and 45 minutes to breakdown.

Additional Information

  • 37 riders per hour.

  • Riders Must be at least 4ft+

  • Riders cannot exceed 300lbs

  • Riders with pre existing injuries are not encouraged to participate

  • We have waiver forms for all riders ages 12 and up

  • It is forbidden to ride with keys, mobile phone, glasses, or any sharp or breakable objects

  • The ground can be:

    • level or (very small hills can also be used)

    • Make sure no sharp things on ground when using the inflatables. Need a carpet on the common ground.

If you’ve never heard about mechanical bull riding here in houston you are in for a treat! It is a fun party game to add to your event and it’s awesome! Mechanical bulls originated right here in houston so experience the home of modern bull riding!

Have you been fascinated as child to see the men and women riding a mechanical bull without falling off? Are you curious to know where the first mechanical bull came from and how it became popular in Texas? Our focus will be on the origins of the mechanical bull, mechanical bull rentals, the cost and things to consider when renting mechanical bulls as well as some great ideas for events.

How did mechanical bulls originate?

Mechanical bulls were originally created to train rodeo competitors. Mechanical bulls buck and spin in a way that mimics an actual bull’s movements, but they are much safer. They were first used as an attraction when Sherwood Cryer invented one to be used at Gilley's bar in Pasadena, a suburb of Houston. They became popular when the mechanical bull at Gilley’s bar in Houston was featured in the film “Urban Cowboy.”

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The modern sport of bull riding began with the Mexican charreadas in which farmers and ranchers competed to see how long one could cling to a bucking bull without falling and the sport evolved from there. In 1992, a group of bull riders formed the Professional Bull Riders Inc to make bull riding not just a feature at a rodeo but a sport in and of itself.

How much does it cost to rent mechanical bulls? Is it safe to ride mechanical bulls?

Due to the fascination that bull riding evokes, mechanical bulls have now become a party rental for quite some time. They can be a lot of fun and keep everyone entertained while they ride or watch someone else ride the bull. Mechanical bulls are perfect for everyone, every venue and are very safe. There are mechanical bulls that are designed to support the weight of small children and bulls available that are designed to support the weight of grown adults.  E.g. The Fort Worth Stockyards mechanical bulls are very kid friendly. Mechanical bull rentals are usually popular at birthday parties, bachelor parties and concerts. However, there are certain things to take into consideration before renting such as rental costs. The rental cost mostly depends on the time. If you are renting a mechanical bull from your local rental company, the rental price basically ranges from $100 to $350 per hour. You can usually get a package rental time for a mechanical bull for approximately 4 hours or 8 hours.

What are the factors that affect the rental prices of mechanical bulls?

Why are the rental prices so different? There are many factors involved in the rental price, such as the delivery distance, operator, insurance and overnight. Sometimes the cost isn't all that matters, the safety is always first! You should ask for more information before you make your decision to rent a mechanical bull. The most important thing you need to ask is whether insurance is included in the rental fee. Never rent a mechanical bull without insurance.

In a nutshell, mechanical bulls were originally created to train rodeo competitors. Mechanical bulls became popular in Houston Texas, after it was introduced in the film, the “Urban Cowboy.” After this, mechanical bull rentals became a hit for events.

Even Jack Black rode a mechanical bull for charity.


When it comes to a mechanical bull rental, safety is our top priority. Every mechanical bull is operated by one of our staff members who is safety certified by the Event Planners Association and will oversee the use of the mechanical bull throughout the event. This person will have control over the speed and bucking power of the bull, and will give each participant a custom ride based on their size, age, health condition, and skill level. The inflatable landing area provides soft landings, and our bulls even have rubber heads to make the ride more safe.

If you’ve ever thought is there mechanical bull rental near me? Contact Bubble Bump Houston today and we’ll bring all the fun you need to your event! We have mechanical bull rental Austin as well

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It was hilarious to watch and the boys had a ball and were still talking about it several days later. Many thanks to Aaron and his wife for making this a great event!
— Tim Herbert

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