10 Fun things to do in Katy, Texas

With all the technology out there today it's easy to get stuck inside the house binge watching your favorite Netflix TV Show....ho-hum. But, if you're looking to spice up your weekend check out our list of 10 fun things to do in Katy, Texas this weekend.

bubble soccer.jpg

1. Bubble Soccer (Bubble Bump Houston)

Okay; of course we're biased but if you've never played bubble soccer you should try it. And if your thinking I'm too old, you'd be wrong! Bubble Soccer can be fun for all ages and what better way to take out the stress of the week than knockout your friends or even...your spouse. Bubble Bump Houston serves ages 7-72 so you can Learn More Here

Come spend a day on the farm!

Come spend a day on the farm!

2. Dewberry Farm

Make it a day of fun for the whole family at this awesome local farm. With special events year round, you can traverse Hay Mountain explore Fort Dew Hickey. Race time; you're in a human hamster wheel, or play carnival games better yet even get lost in the corn maze! With over 40 activities to choose from your little ones will never get bored but will be plenty tired when you lay them down for a nap. Click Here for more adventure.


3. Mary Jo Peckham Park

Take a dip in the pool and even bring your toddlers to Splash Time. Bring a rod and reel and take chance at catching some fish. Or get your golf on and play a free round of miniature golf and more. This park is meant not only for barbecues but a nice getaway destination right in the neighborhood.

Soak up some sun during a day at this super cool water park!

Soak up some sun during a day at this super cool water park!

4. Typhoon Texas Water Park

This park is the ideal place for a family getaway, work picnic or for a couple’s rendezvous. There are a variety of rides to choose from such as the infamous Typhoon ride and the Drop ride. Some of the main perks about this place are the excellent service and the mouth-watering food! The price is very affordable, you can choose the seasonal pass or even the annual pass.

Looks like fun for all ages!

Looks like fun for all ages!

5.  Katy Park

Be at peace with nature by exploring Katy Park. This park is perfect for nature and animal lovers. Even your dogs will love it too! Take some time to jog on nature’s trail or take your dog for a walk or perhaps even throw him a frisbee. This park would be great for playing sports such as soccer and baseball. If you’re not into sports, then it’s perfect for a family picnic or for a time to meditate and be one with nature. Katy Park caters to everyone’s needs.  Check out the park here.

Spend an afternoon at the museum!

Spend an afternoon at the museum!

6.  MKT Railroad Museum

Do you want to get in touch with the history of Katy? You will be in awe as you learn about the rich history of this museum. The main highlight is the train station with its life-sized exhibits with its red caboose car. You and your family will be amazed as you travel back in time and see how life used to be through the eyes of your relatives and ancestors. This museum is perfect for field trips (even for a preschooler) or history lovers as you will get to see and touch authentic graffiti and exhibits. Jump back in time by clicking Here

Katy Heritage.jpg

7. Katy Heritage Park

Do you want to see ancient family homes? Katy Heritage Park is the perfect place to be when you visit Houston. Take a free tour and see the ‘Old Katy Town’ with its beautiful family homes and well-manicured lawns.  Two highlights about this tour are The Wright House and The Featherston House. Katy Park is a great place to take photos as you bask in the history of ancient civilization.


8. Katy VFW Museum

Are you fascinated by US politics and want to learn a bit more? Well, this is a free military museum focusing on the foreign conflicts in which the US has been involved in. You will get to see monuments dedicated to the US veterans that fought in various wars and have a deeper understanding of the history of America. The Liberty Tree is an important monument to see when you visit Katy VFM Museum.


9. Katy Play Station

Katy Play Station as its name suggests a very good playground or sports field for all kinds of play. It is the perfect place for families to bring their children; as there is something for everyone.  Great, for children and if you’re a kid at heart. You will find swings, tennis courts, slides, basketball courts, and baseball fields. The facility is very clean and is equipped with a friendly team who will ensure that you’re having a great time. Get your play on at Katy Play Station.


10. Mason Creek South Hike & Bike Trail

You will find the most beautiful sunsets at Mason Creek South Hike & Bike Trail. This is the perfect spot to walk, run or bike. If you are not into exercising, then it’s an ideal spot to take your family to relax and enjoy the scenery with ducks, geese, birds, and squirrels and a flowing lake.  This trail has a kid-friendly playground for the children to frolic and have fun. Check out the different trails here