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No one would argue that bubble soccer isn't taking over the world.

Muahahahah! (Evil Laugh)

Even though bubble soccer began overseas in the last few years it has really taken
root as one of the most popular sports for special events. But, what was the catalyst
for these bubble balls becoming so popular?

Well of course, the internet!

From shark tank, to good morning america, jimmy fallon to NFL athletes, when you see these
bubbles on your screen you have to find a place to play.

Let's take a look at the most popular bubble soccer videos online.

4. Cam Newton (Carolina Panthers)

With all of the flags flying in the NFL and changing the rules to make the game safer. Maybe they should throw bubbles into the mix? The Carolina Panthers have many times. Little known to his millions of instagram followers. Since 2015 Knockerball™ is one of Cam Newton has favorite games to play in the off-season.In the video you can see how his 6' 6" 250 frame crushes his opponents.

3. Good Morning America

With over 3 millions viewers daily it's safe to say Good Morning America can make any product or business go viral here's a clip from July 2015 where GMA team tries their hand (or bubble) at this new full contact sport with one of the top zorb companies in the world, Knockerball™ .

2. Shark Tank

Millions were watching in 2015 when the National Association of Bubble Soccer hit the scene on shark tank. Unfortunately they didn't get a deal, but you can check out Robert and Mark punishing each other in the clip above.

  1. Jimmy Fallon

The man probably most responsible for quorky and fun games and who first played bubble soccer in 2014 is Jimmy Fallon along with Chris Pratt, Colin Farrell, The Rootsz and Anquan Boldin. You can see in the clip above Jimmy is not very excited about the full contact part but he was being a good sport never the less.

Honorable mention

Even though the Youtube channel Devinsupertramp isn't a celebrity we had to toss this video in the mix. With over 5 million views we guarantee you can't watch this game and not want to play immediately. The video almost lives up to how fun the sport is in real life!

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