You might have never heard of this before, but there is a new popular rodeo game called Bubble Soccer Rodeo or Knockerball Soccer Rodeo. Whatever we name it is without a doubt one of the most idiotic things a player can decide to do, yet spectators seem to enjoy it.

What is Bubble Soccer Rodeo?

Essentially there are two teams of 2 or more players, who intend to play a parody soccer game with a huge softball. Meanwhile, a raging bull is running around to hit any of the players at any time. Each player is protected by the Knockerball, however, only from their waists up. 

Safety Concern

As we mentioned above, the players' legs are fully exposed, which makes the game of bubble soccer rodeo players exposed to leg bones ruptures and knee or ankle injuries, that is if we assume that the bubbleball will actually efficiently protect their upper bodies against the bull hits. Aside from being injured by the bull's hit itself, the injuries can also occur when the players hit the ground, considering that the bull throws them over 7 feet high and over ten yards in the distance.For a sane person to willingly put on a rather small bubbleball, which only offers protection from the waist up and then get hit by a bull is insane. Yet there are men brave or stupid enough to do it.

You Want It, We Got It

We are the ones that can make such fun events happen. If the Bubble Soccer Rodeo seems too extreme for you, let us tell you that Knockerball can be used in all sorts of ways that don't include a bull. The bubbleballs or zorb balls were not intended for rodeo soccer use of course. A regular game of bubble soccer can be great fun when played properly. This means there are two teams, actually playing soccer, but the contact is allowed. There is still some safety concern, but to get hit by another man who also wears a Knockerball is something else than getting hit by a raging bull. 

The true game of Soccer ball is a lot safer than Rugby or American football and a lot of fun.If you are interested in having fun or being entertained by any game that involves zorb balls, simply give us a call and we will make it happen. Cheers!

Bubble Soccer at Minnesota Rodeo on 2016-06-26.