Mechanical bull riding is one of the most thrilling adventures as it gives you the feeling of riding a real bull, (without the worries of kicks and concerns) - similar to all those professional bull riders by mounting on an electric motor.  Now, through us at Bubble Bump Houston, all you need is just to show up for the event and we guarantee you will pay a visit again to get the same ecstatic feeling. 

But, before mounting on the electric motor, there are some useful tips which everyone needs to know to have a smooth pleasure. Following these tips will surely help you become a preeminent mechanical bull rider. Let’s have a brief look at some fruitful tips:

1. You must be relaxed and composed before the mechanical bull riding starts:

   If you want to have a longer ride, you need to relax and keep yourself composed. After all, it’s not a real bull riding but just an electric motor. The important thing is that your body should actively respond to the motion of the mechanical bull so that you retain your balance. Don’t be stiff otherwise, there is a big possibility that you might fall. 

2. Your eyes should be on the mechanical bull's head:

   Do not look at the crowd. It might confuse you since the crowd is always cheering at a loud voice which might distract the rider. Always keep your eyes at the back of the mechanical bull’s head. One of the advantages is that you will be able to see the directions and adjust your balance. Looking up might not be a good option.

3. You should have a strong grip while riding the mechanical bull:

   A strong grip is very much needed while riding a mechanical bull. It’s imperative to have a strong grip on the rope to maintain the balance. Since balance is everything, you need a commanding hold on the bull so that you can ride for long. It’s one of the most important strategies of mechanical bull riding.

4. Panicking is not an option when you are riding the mechanical bull:

   Remember it’s only a game and just for fun. Do not panic or freak out and you will ride for long. When the speed of the mechanical bull increases, many amateurs lose confidence. This is not a big deal since it’s the first time but try to remain calm and have a strong grip. There is no reason at all to be nervous or ashamed of something as it’s an unreal bull at the end of the day.

5. It is important to be properly dressed :

   Apparel is very important while riding a mechanical bull. Dress appropriately so that you have a smooth time riding a mechanical bull. Do not wear such clothes which are tight or slippery because you need a tight hold on the mechanical bull. Remember that your legs and thighs will be touching the mechanical bull while riding and if you do not wear appropriate clothing, it might hurt your skin or leave patches. It will be detrimental to your health since you do not want mishaps to happen. Try not to adjust clothing during the ride because you will lose attention and balance. Remember it’s just a superficial ride and you need to be at more than your level best.

6. Remember! One rider for the mechanical bull at a time :

   Mechanical bull riding is fun but it might cause serious injuries if you do not take precautions. Remember the ride is for a single person. Do not double up because people have fallen off the mechanical bull in the past while doing a double ride. They faced injuries as well. And I bet you do not want to be one of them so never ride double as health is more important to you than adventure.

7. Mechanical bull riding made easy. Just mirror the motions:

   It’s highly recommended to mirror the motions of the mechanical bull. Since the mechanical bull always moves in a seesaw angle, prioritize your movements and always move in the opposite direction of the mechanical bull. When the mechanical bull bends forward, you should lean back. If you bend forward with the mechanical bull, there is a greater possibility that you will fall on the horns of the mechanical bull which might cause you injuries.

8. Do not put your feet or hands behind the bull:

   Always put your legs and feet forward. If they are in a backward position, you will lose balance and will fall. Always try to be dominant on the bull to ride for long.

These tips are very important to be followed while riding a mechanical bull. Remember your health is our utmost priority so follow these tips. Our humble suggestion would be that you make videos and make mechanical bull riding even more memorable for your friends and family.

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