Individuals: From $8-$24 a person, per event.
Large Organizations: Varies and can get as low as $1 a person.

If you are a lover of games or sports, then I recommend that you participate in a fun game called archery tag also referred to battle or bow tag. Our focus will be on the origin of of the game, the safety measures of battle bpw tag, the dress code and age limit for the event and the cost to play.

How does Combat Archery work? Who invented it?

The game of archery has been around since ancient times where a bow was used to shoot an arrow. Archery was mostly used for hunting and combat. Nowadays, it is now a competitive and recreational sporting activity. Archery tag is the unique mixture of 3 action packed sporting activities which include paintball, dodgeball and archery. Players must form teams of 5 and shoot at their opponent large-foam tip arrows using a bow. To avoid being hurt, players must protect their faces by wearing masks and use bows with less than 30 lb draw weight. This modern twist of archery was coined by John Jackson in 2011. It became very popular when it was introduced in the book and film series ‘Hunger Games’. Three years after it was invented, it was already in 170 locations including: The United States, Russia and Serbia.

How safe is Bow tag?

You may be afraid to play this game because of the dreaded dodgeball experience in high school. The good thing is that there’s no stinging sensation after you’ve been splatted, and you won’t get any bruises either. To ensure your safety, you should do the following:

  • Remove earrings and other forms of jewelry, and piercings before gameplay.

  • Do not use equipment to deflect, hit or deliberately contact incoming arrows.

  • Do not move or lean on the bunkers.

  • Do not shoot at players in the neutral zone or outside the field boundaries.

  • Ensure to wear full face masks and goggles

What do you wear ?

This sounds straightforward right? Well once you follow the rules, then I am sure everyone will have a great time. The next question you may be asking is what you should wear when playing. Well if this your first combat archery game then you don’t have to worry. What you decide to wear will depend on the weather condition and what you are comfortable wearing. Bandanas and baseball caps are very useful to prevent sunburn during the hot and sunny days. Long sleeved shirts are recommended to protect the arms during the occasional bow slap. In terms of bottoms, it is recommended to wear something that you feel comfortable to run and bend in such as jeans. Running shoes would be ideal as the games are usually played in the grass, dirt or sand.

How much does Archery Tag cost?

Bow Tag is very affordable, and the price starts as low as $25 US per player and it includes all the equipment. The age to start playing is 10 years old! One thing that I must mention is that the term battle archery is used interchangeable with archery tag. Don’t be confused as they are the same game.

In a nutshell, archery tag is a very fun game and it is great for the entire family to participate in. It is a unique combination of dodgeball, paintball and archery. It was created in 2011 by John Jackson and it became popular after it was shown in the film and series, “Hunger Games”. Get your game on right now!