Hello my name is Aaron and along with my beautiful wife Sarah we are proud to bring Bubble Bump Houston to families and organizations all around Texas.

Growing up as athletes and fierce competitors there was nothing more fun that playing awesome game outside. Whether basketball, baseball, football, or a good ole game of tag we we’re pretty active. Fast forward to 2014, when one day I was browsing on Youtube and I ran into this cool looking game called bubble soccer. I showed Sarah and we just had to play it, but there was a problem, there was no bubble soccer in our area!

Not wanting anyone else to suffer this evil injustice, we now offer Bubble Soccer, Archery Tag, and Hamster Bowling all around the Houston metro area and beyond.

So if you haven’t played it you should put it on your bucket list and try it. Nothing like having a great laugh in the refreshing outdoors with people you love.

We are a family owned business bringing the fun to others the best we can :)